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Having used grass toppers for various makes on our own land for several years we were able to identify several shortcomings with these machines.   This has enabled us to incorporate a number of important improvements in the design of our new Pasture topper.


The PTO driven gearbox carries a heavy duty dish to which swing blades are attached.   This prevents damage to either blades or gearbox in the event of the blades coming into contact with large stones or similar objects.


The cutting height is adjusted by means of single handle which raises/lowers the side rollers.


The side rollers act as skids during forward travel, but turn to prevent scuffing of the turf as the tractor turns at the end of each pass.


Front and rear guards prevent the blades throwing stones from beneath the mower during operation.


Models available with cutting widths of 1200 mm  (4 ft), 1500 mm (5 ft), and 1800 mm (6 ft)


Robust construction for many years of trouble-free use.


If you would like to try one, you are welcome to come to our paddock and see it operating.

This photograph shows the handle which makes it so easy to raise and lower

The rollers on the side shown here prevents the  scuffing of the turf as the tractor turns at the end of each pass.